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Finding the best way to keep your kitchen’s drain pipes clean while being considerate of the environment can seem like a lose-lose situation. And what is worse, if you don’t keep up with the maintenance of your pipes, it can end up meaning an expensive call to a plumber. However, using a floor drain strainer can help you avoid costly and hazardous drain pipe cleaners while still collecting all the kitchen debris that makes its way into your drain. 

Is there a trap in a floor drain?

An essential component of a floor drain is the drain trap. Similar to those found under kitchen sinks and bathroom fittings, floor drains use traps. The water in the drain pipe is always present, whether it is flowing or not, which is designed in a U-shaped droop. You have probably seen this pipe if you have ever taken a look at the underside of a sink. The U-shaped pipe’s purpose is to contain water, which keeps sewage gases from entering the drain by standing in the pipe. Products such as commercial strainer baskets or floor sink strainers help keep kitchen debris from clogging up this pipe so it can work effectively.

What is the difference between a floor drain and a floor sink?

Where equipment drains need an air gap, such as commercial restaurant appliances, floor sinks are typically employed. They have some storage space and usually feature a drain screen and grate that can be removed for fixture maintenance or to add a commercial sink strainer. Additionally, floor sinks can have a diameter up to a foot larger than most floor drains. 

In contrast to floor sinks, which are often level and parallel with the adjacent floors, floor drains in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and mechanical rooms typically enable the entire floor to run into them if the ground is adequately sloped.

How do you remove a floor drain strainer?

Move nearby equipment blocking the floor drain, such as kitchen prep tables, mobile bread racks, or other kitchen appliances. Take off the floor drain grate or cover. A screwdriver will probably be needed to remove the cover entirely. To prevent losing the screws, keep them in a secure location. Remove the cover and pour the debris into the trash if the filter is full. Reinstall the drain cover or grate after re-inserting the floor drain strainer into the drain.

Where to buy a floor drain strainer?

There are several types of stores where you can purchase a floor drain strainer. You have online options, such as those from Amgood Supply, retail stores, commercial kitchen suppliers, or even some hardware stores. When looking for floor drain strainers for your kitchen, consider the style and size you will need and how often you want to empty the strainers.

Preventative maintenance for your plumbing in your kitchen has never been easier than installing a floor drain strainer basket. This simple to use and cost-effective product will save you time and money and help keep your kitchen clean while keeping foodstuffs out of your pipes.

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