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Strong, efficient plumbing is as important to a restaurant as pretty much everything else. It is as essential as the menu, the ingredients, the staff, the restaurant supplies, etc. After all, a restaurant is an environment where ample water supply and really good drainage simply is a must. 

While each of them is unique and requires their own specific plumbing needs; there are universal restaurant plumbing supplies all restaurants absolutely must have. 

We will talk about them here. 

Restaurant Plumbing Supply Checklist

  1. Faucets – Water is a requirement in the daily operation of a restaurant. Commercial kitchen faucets are specifically designed for the workplace. There are many different types of commercial kitchen faucets and hundreds of models for each type. Here is a rundown of the most common types of faucets for a restaurant kitchen. 

    1. Pot Filler Faucet – These faucets are designed for motion. Many models can be moved while some models have hoses or hook nozzles. Pot filler faucets allow you fill large pots with water wherever the pots are located so you do not need to struggle to carry them around the kitchen.   

    2. Pre-rinse Faucets – A pre-rinse faucet is a necessary restaurant plumbing supply because it allows the staff to quickly rinse off food scraps, sauces, and other stains off the dishes before actually rinsing them or putting them in the dishwasher. This ensures that dishes are totally clean. They come in deck mount or wall mount styles.

    3. Add-on Faucets – Add-on faucet units are a commercial plumbing staple. They allow you to do multiple washing tasks in one sink, saving you space. They also help transform your sink into a warewashing station cum food prep station. 

    4. Deck Mount Faucets – These are regular faucets that are installed on the deck of the sink, making it easy to connect to the water supply.

    5. Wall Mount Faucets – They are directly installed on the wall or backsplash. They are then connected to the waterlines that run behind the wall rather than the sink or deck. 

  2. Faucet Parts and Accessories – In addition to the faucets, each restaurant must also stock up on faucet parts and accessories. This is to ensure that if anything breaks, your kitchen’s operation does not stop. Accessories include faucet bases, bolts and nuts, valves, among others.

  3. Sink and Drains and Accessories – Every kitchen needs a sink and drain. They are installed in commercial kitchen to become a flowing water outlet. As with the faucet, keep accessories and parts, such as valves, extra drains, levers, etc., in stock for continued efficiency. 

  4. Floor Troughs and Roof Drains – Proper drainage is crucial for restaurants. Floor troughs drains excess water from the floor, preventing puddles and floods that are safety hazards. Roof drains get rid of water from the roof. These can be placed under steam equipment, in the dish room or the roof, creating an efficient drainage system.

  5. Water Heater and Filtration System – Make sure your water is of the highest quality by outfitting the whole restaurant with a topnotch water heater and filtration system. This will remove unwanted and harmful minerals and contaminants from the water. Having this system allows you to have fresh and clean water from the tap.  

These restaurant plumbing supplies are an important part of the daily operation and maintenance of a commercial kitchen.

Final Thoughts

An ample supply of water and proper drainage are the cornerstone of restaurants. That is why commercial plumbing is an investment you really have to make. 

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