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Stainless Steel Work Tables

Stainless Steel Work Tables

Over the years, AmGood stainless steel work tables have acquired a reputation of high quality heavy duty products built to last for years to come.

AmGood work tables are available in 46 different sizes ranging from as little as 24" x 12" to as big as 36" X 96" and everything in between. Each size table can be purchased with one or two undershelves, which provide additional storage space. The tables are also available with an open base, without any shelving at all. To make the table mobile, we offer a selection of 3", 4" and 5" casters with brakes.

Other popular accessories and add-ons for work tables include stainless steel drawers to store important items, double tier overshelf to add additional storage space, and 3.5" flange feet to secure the table to the floor

Most Common Types of Stainless Steel work tables:

Work table with undershelf:

This is the "classic" work table which includes a stainless steel table top, a galvanized undershelf and a set of 4 galvanized legs. 

Open base work table:

This table does not come with any shelving under the table top. Instead, it uses 3 removable cross bars and connectors to secure the table legs and make them stable. Open base work tables are usually chosen when there is a need to store larger items under the table top, such as a dishwasher, which would not fit if there was an undershelf. This table is also commonly used as a desk, where a person can easily sit without the undershelf getting in the way. 

Mobile Work Table:

With an addition of 4 casters or wheels, any work table model can become mobile. Mobile tables have a great advantage as they can be used as a table as well as a rolling cart. It can be easily moved to the area of the kitchen or home where it's needed at a moment. It can also be used to transport and move heavy items and products.

All tables come with instructions and all hardware/tools needed for assembly, which should take 15-30 minutes.

All tables are shipped knocked down. Unlike most other brands, our work tables are shipped in boxes that are designed and packaged for retail shipping without getting damaged while in transit by UPS/FEDEX/USPS

The universality of AmGood metal tables make it a great fit for use at homes, restaurants, stores, offices, industrial settings, etc.

Most common work table applications:


  • Food prep table for commercial kitchen  

  • Equipment table to hold microwave, rice warmer and other appliances.


  • Kitchen island

  • Extra kitchen counter space

  • Kitchen dining table

  • Laundry clothes folding table 

  • Garage workbench

  • Utility table

  • Grill and BBQ prep table

Small Businesses:

  • Butcher shop

  • Exam table for veterinarians  

  • Lab tables

  • Modern office desk

  • Order assembly work station

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