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Why Stainless Steel is All-Important in Commercial Kitchens - stainless steel work tables 250x250 11

You might be wondering why is stainless steel used in kitchens. For restaurants and kitchens, commercial stainless steel kitchen appliances and tools have been one of the greatest inventions brought to their industry.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a stainless steel table or appliance, stainless steel for kitchens brings multiple benefits and can be used for countless applications.

Food storage, preparation tables, appliances – all of these things benefit from stainless steel solutions. Commercial kitchen stainless steel equipment and tools can also handle any kitchen environment.  You will see them in varying places from five-star restaurants to street food vendor setups.  

Types of Stainless Used in Commerical Kitchens

Before we discuss why stainless steel is used in commercial kitchens, let’s discuss the most common varieties used.  There are a number of different food-grade stainless steel options on today’s market but only three are the most commonly used.


Also known as 18/8 or 18/10, this grade of stainless steel is the most popular kind found in kitchens and food service areas.  Because it contains a higher amount of nickel it has a more mirrored surface and shines.  Kitchen items such as stoves, containers, or other items that have more “contact” in a kitchen will be made from this grade of stainless steel.


This type of stainless steel has a more matte finish and is used in places where the mirrored look isn’t needed but the durability of stainless steel is desired.  You will see things such as kitchen utensils, tabletops, and stainless steel paneling made with this grade.


This specific type of food-grade stainless steel is made for handling corrosion and improving durability.  The downside to this type of stainless steel however is that it is more expensive than other grades. Because of this, it is generally only used on specific items that handle highly acidic or saline foods.

Benefits of Stainless Steel in Commerical Kitchens 

Stainless steel commercial kitchens have numerous benefits for cooks and play an important role in the overall hygiene of a kitchen space.  Below we answer the question of why is stainless steel is used in kitchens and the benefits it can provide to everyone working with it.

Provides Great Durability

Why Stainless Steel is All-Important in Commercial Kitchens - stainless steel work tables with open base and casters 250x250 11

As a material all on its own, steel is very durable and tough.  It doesn’t bend or crack making it one of the best materials for professional use.  What identifies stainless steel from steel is that stainless steel is coated with chromium.  When the chromium interacts with the air it forms a chromium oxide layer on the surface which then protects the steel from corroding from things such as moisture.

Is a Low Maintenance Material

Stainless steel is a  lot easier to maintain than other materials you might find in commercial kitchens.  Using a simple solution of soap and water can remove most grease or oil from surfaces without a lot of hassle for kitchen employees.

Routinely washing and drying stainless steel properly will improve its life span drastically. 

The only real damage that can be done to stainless steel is scratching the surface which if not taken care of can then form rust or other issues.

Removing scratches is actually something that stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment owners can do on their own adding to the benefits of the material.  By following a few simple steps and using cleaning materials specifically designed for stainless steel repair, kitchen owners can keep their stainless steel working properly for years to come.

Ideal for Prepping Food

The most obvious reason to answer why is stainless steel used in kitchens is that it is perfect to prepare food.  Other materials such as wood will interact with the moisture in a kitchen’s environment and cause growths such as bacteria on prepping surfaces which can then be transferred to food.  Stainless steel is a nonporous material so harmful growths such as bacteria have a harder time spreading if the stainless steel is cleaned regularly.

The chromium oxide layer that is present on stainless steel tables and other surfaces makes it great for handling acidic foods because it is non-corrosive and non-reactive.  

Stainless steel won’t impact the flavor of the food either.  Some materials can cause a difference in flavor when food is cooked in them, though most people are not aware of this. When cooking with stainless steel no matter the ingredients that are used the taste will not be affected.

Can Handle All Styles of Cooking

No matter what kind of food is being prepared or the style of cooking that is needed, stainless steel is able to handle it.  Stainless steel can handle small volumes of food to large volumes and everything involved in prepping from cutting to pounding methods.

An added benefit is the aesthetic look of stainless steel.  Because of its clean appearance, it is often used in stainless steel industrial kitchens where customers can physically see the kitchen and preparation areas.  Stainless steel provides a clean look so customers can focus on the methods of preparation and not the surface it’s being prepared on.

Heat Resistant Surfaces

Stainless steel is a highly heat resistant surface making it a great option in commercial kitchens which deal with a lot of heat.  

Stainless steel can withstand temperatures of over 900 C! 

This means cooks won’t need to worry about leaving hot pots and pans directly onto stainless steel kitchen commercial-specific equipment like a kitchen prep table because it will not melt or cause stains under most circumstances.

Key Takeaways

So if you have been asking yourself why is stainless steel used in kitchens you don’t need to look any further than the guide we have put together for you! Stainless steel has a number of benefits for kitchens and restaurants.  It’s durable, versatile, and a material that can handle the daily stresses of a kitchen environment.  If taken care of properly, a stainless steel surface will last for years to come and be a major part of keeping commercial stainless steel kitchens running effectively.

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