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Quickly after the invention of the wheel, there most probably came the cart. The mobility and convenience that carts provide are needed in all walks of life. You can find them in restaurants, hotels, factories, warehouses, workshops and libraries. Utility carts offer a perfect solution to the age old question: “how do I move that over there?”

What is a Utility Cart?

You can easily think of the utility cart as shelves on wheels. Yet, there are a few more distinctions between the kinds of product. Firstly, they are either made of steel or plastic. They can either be open shelved for ease of access, or appear as cabinets if products need enclosure and extra protection. The tops of utility carts can either be flat, which is simple and easy-to-clean, or have a shelf lip, better for carrying liquids and managing spills.

With different specifications for kitchen, restaurant and production industries, there are various suppliers of utility carts. Though, AmGood Supply, a leading manufacturer and distributor of steel goods, offer a prime model, featuring:

  • Stainless Steel Material (Type 430, 18 Gauge);
  • Durable, Swivel Caster Wheels;
  • Open Undershelves;
  • NSF Certified;
  • East-to-assemble Design;
  • Polished, Professional Silver Colour.

As the AmGood Supply model is stainless steel, it’s a suitable choice for food environments. The product is durable, corrosion and impact-resistant, and withstands high heat, so it’s perfect for the kitchen, restaurant or any commercial food business.

Investing in quality utility carts will save countless hours transporting ingredients, meals or equipment, while saving worker strain and physical exertion. Consequently, the correct usage of utility carts leads to a safer, organized and productive space for your home or professional needs.

What are the Benefits of a Utility Cart?

In the kitchen or restaurant, something is always on the move. With a highly-functional, rolling cart, navigation of the kitchen is simple. Durable, swivel caster wheels turn a table with shelf into a fully-functional utility cart.

When needing a cart for the kitchen, stainless steel is the only option, which brings its own added advantages. The strength and cleanliness of the material make it perfect for food services. Steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio, meaning a stainless steel utility cart will be able to carry a heavy load whilst remaining light and easy to operate.

Having a cart on wheels allows you to do something quite obvious: move it! The utility cart can become a mobile workstation, if need be. The ability to have this option can prove useful in various situations, such as prep work, cleaning fridges, receiving ingredients or even creative examples, such as presentations and event planning.

A utility cart is able to carry out a multitude of tasks. With cleverly-spaced shelving underneath, steel work carts can hold a lot of equipment at once, so workers don’t need to make repeat trips back and forth, reducing the overall footfall in a high-traffic area.

Implementing utility carts can reduce the likelihood of accidents, keeping both the worker and product safer. It’s also well-known that kitchen work can be strenuous. The hardship of physically carrying difficult items is made redundant by a convenient, rolling utility cart. This minimizes the likelihood of workplace injuries, and means that workers of all abilities are able to easily transport goods and equipment around the kitchen.

Can I use a Utility Cart in Commercial or Industrial Settings?

It’s perfectly viable to apply utility carts to either commercial or industrial settings, as everyone benefits from their handiness and simple design. In commercial and industrial settings, damaging or dropping products is expensive and a big waste of time. Adding utility carts to your business makes this fundamental, necessary work safer and more efficient, which enhances productivity and works towards an effective, profitable environment.

Although utility carts are most seen in the food and hospitality industry, they can be applied to various other situations, from a florist to a pharmaceutical lab. Any business that wants to improve the conditions of physical work should consider the simple, effective solution of a utility cart.

FAQ: Utility Carts

  • Should I buy a plastic or steel cart?

    Plastic carts are usually more lightweight, and can provide a different aesthetic, but for long-term needs, consider the advantages of the more durable, resistant steel options.

  • Why do you need Stainless steel work Utility Carts for the kitchen, dining room or restaurant?

    Simple! It helps so many aspects of the kitchen or restaurant run smoothly, so that your kitchen can operate professionally and provide a better service.

  • Where to buy Work Utility Carts?

    There are various retailers, but AmGood Supply is a leading manufacturer of steel goods.

  • How much does it cost to buy a new commercial utility cart for the kitchen?

    Plastic options are the cheapest, and start around $60. Superior steel carts can start at roughly $75, but average between $200 and $250. Utility carts with added shelving or larger dimensions can surpass $1,000.

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