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Elliot DeLaney

Elliot DeLaney

dunnage racks

Shelves are a gift to commercial kitchens. AmGoodSupply offers limitless shelving options to fit every kind of need in the kitchen. However, if you have filled your shelves and other storage space but you still need additional storage space; you are in luck, get a rack.

AmGoodSupply understands that a successful commercial kitchen depends on the best equipment. We carry the best dunnage racks which are a necessary part of any restaurant’s food safety strategy. It is a great investment that will make your kitchen operations more efficient.

A What Dunnage Rack?

Stainless dunnage rack provides a sanitary additional storage option for the kitchen, walk-in fridge, storage room, pantry, or warehouse.

Whether they are stainless dunnage racks or aluminum dunnage racks; their function remains the same. They let you store large, heavy, and bulky food products and other items off of the floor while at the same time taking up very little footprint. These are heavy-duty and can be great substitutes for the bottom shelves of any shelving units; increasing the weight capacity of the entire shelf.

Types of Dunnage Racks

  1. Stationary - These are perfect for the kitchen areas that are used only for storage.
  2. Mobile - They are ideal for heavy objects such as appliances or large food sacks or boxes that may need to be transported from one room or area to another. They also make it easier for you clean or reconfigure spaces in your kitchen.
  3. Solid - Stainless steel solid dunnage rack provides maximum support and is highly ideal for dry storage. They are, however, not very good for fresh food and produce because they do not allow for air circulation. They are easy to clean and are great for larger items.
  4. Louvered – These have slots that allow air to pass through and circulate, making it great for wet storage, as well as storing perishable items. They are not ideal for small or irregularly shaped items because they might fall through the gaps.

Material Selection

The main purpose of this storage solution is to keep goods and products off of the floor. After all, it is very important to maintain hygiene and comply with health regulations.

  1. Stainless steel dunnage rack - Stainless steel is the material of choice for food service because of its sanitary quality. Shelves made of this material can withstand extreme heat. It is highly resistant to corrosion and rust; is easy to clean and maintain, and is long-lasting and durable. Stainless steel solid or louvered dunnage racks are perfect for commercial kitchens.
  2. Aluminum dunnage racks - Aluminum is known for being strong and robust. It has the ability to withstand heavy items and varied temperatures. It is also flexible and lightweight.

A dunnage rack might be small but unassuming but it sure can hold its own, quite literally; safely securing your goods and precious equipment above the floor. It is the perfect space-saving solution for any commercial kitchen.

FAQ about Dunnage Racks

Not all kitchen storage is cupboards and shelving. Dunnage racks play a key role in keeping your heavier ingredients and products safe from water, dirt, or contamination otherwise. Found in walk-ins and kitchen corners everywhere, dunnage racks help kitchen crews stay organized and safe from the dangers of high-up bags and boxes.

What are Dunnage Racks used for?

Dunnage racks are a low-to-the-ground storage solution primarily used to hold food products. As they’re vented for better air circulation, these kinds of shelves are better for storing produce, including perishables. Keeping items away from the dirty floor prevents product damage and contamination, while still providing access to the flooring underneath. Dunnage racks are essential for meeting the hygiene standards of the commercial kitchen.

Why do you need Dunnage Racks for the Kitchen?

Food health codes usually state that restaurants and food manufacturers must keep produce at least 15 cm (6”) from the ground. Aside from compliance with food safety regulations, there are a few more big advantages to installing dunnage racks. This kind of sturdy, single-level storage is great for storing heavier items. Hundreds or even thousands of pounds can be supported, which makes dunnage racks ideal for stockpiling the kinds of bulk ingredients that come in sacks, crates, and larger boxes. In the case of these heavy food items, it would be seriously unsafe to store them on wall-mounted or multi-level shelf units. Dunnage racks are the best method of freeing up storeroom space whilst avoiding accidents.

Where to buy Dunnage Racks?

You can buy high-quality dunnage racks from trusted providers including AmgoodSupply, which offers both stainless steel and aluminum dunnage racks in many sizes, depending on your particular kitchen requirements. You can of course find dunnage racks from other suppliers, though quality can vary quite dramatically. All AmgoodSupply products are manufactured to exceptional standards to withstand the specific demands of commercial kitchens, making them a popular choice for kitchens all over.

How much do Dunnage Racks cost?

The cost of a new dunnage rack will vary depending on the size and style. For instance, mobile dunnage racks designed to transport supplies or appliances are typically more expensive than stationary units. Similarly, you might find aluminum dunnage racks to be cheaper than stainless steel variants, though plastic products are even more affordable. Carefully consider how you plan to use a dunnage rack in order to determine which material, size, and style are best for your kitchen space.