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complete shelving kits

Professional and food service businesses require a lot of shelves. Storage for equipment, ingredients, wines, and other restaurant tools must be a priority. AmGoodSupply shelves will enable you to maximize your space and organize and our shelving kits are guaranteed to make your life easier.

AmGoodSupply stainless steel shelving kits contain:

  • steel posts also called uprights;
  • reinforced shelves;
  • a steel truss structure that prevents the shelf from sagging, and;
  • wheels or casters to add mobility.

Our kits come with adjustable shelves. Each post has incremental shelf position markings, so you can place the shelves where you want. These kits, with all the parts and components neatly packed in its box, make it super easy for you to assemble the units based on your specification and needs. That is customized storage at its finest.

AmGoodSupply kits come in different dimensions and are totally adjustable, so you can pick the kit that will meet the dimensions of the space you want to put it in. Since they are made of stainless steel, these shelves are easy to clean and sanitize. They are also perfect for tough and high-stress commercial kitchen environments.

Types of Shelf Kits

Shelving kits help transform an unusable space into one that is functional, stylish, and efficient. There are many options of shelves to choose from.

  1. Wall Shelf Kits – Wall shelves are mounted on the wall. Kits usually come with shelves, mounting or supporting brackets, wall fixings, and screws.
  2. Corner Shelf Kits – Corner shelves are just what they sound like, shelves that fit in corners. Corner shelves may be wall-mounted or on the floor.
  3. Floating Shelf Kits – Floating shelves are shelves that have no visible wall fixings or supporting brackets. Kits typically come with shelves and screws and a mechanism for mounting the shelf on the wall.

Shelf Kits Applications

Stainless steel shelving kits are compatible with many functions – from warehouses to hospitals, and most especially, in commercial kitchens. These kits have a wide range of applications and many advantages.

  • Cold storage – Because of their flow-through ventilation capacity, floor or wall shelf kits allow cold air to infiltrate through all the levels of the shelf. This improves the quality of the ingredients it stores.
  • Condensation – The flow-through feature also prevents the build-up of condensed particles.
  • Bin storage – Because they are adjustable, you can place various sized bins for different items. For instance, bins on floating shelf kits make it easy for the staff to locate and pick out items or ingredients.
  • Sleek and clean look – These shelves are used everywhere - clothing stores, toy stores, gift shops, hardware, etc. – and for good reason. They look good and are super functional.
  • High visibility – The open design makes it easy for people to see what is in them. Corner shelf kits, for instance, maximizes wasted space while at the same time showing you exactly what you have.
  • Easy to maintain - Stainless steel shelving kits are very sanitary, easy to clean, and maintain.
  • Low prices and outstanding quality – Kits come in different kinds of specifications and price ranges. They are also very durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Shelving kits keep our living and working space organized and free of clutter. The right shelf can make your space aesthetically pleasing. Best of all, they improve productivity and efficiency in any work place.

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