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Elliot DeLaney

Elliot DeLaney

bakery racks

Bakery Racks are an important part of any commercial kitchen. AmGoodSupply knows that the key to a successful bakery is high quality and heavy duty baking equipment and tools. Investing in the right equipment allows for swift and efficient food preparation, cooking, and serving.

Whatever you want to bake or make – be it breads, cake, pastries, desserts, or others – AmGoodSupply’s top notch bakery and commercial restaurant equipment will make a world of difference in your bakery’s efficiency, productivity, and profit.

We are committed to providing all your kitchen and bakery equipment needs for the best prices.

Types of Commercial Bakery Racks

1. Conventional Bakery Racks – These are rectangular racks with sides and cross members. The design is meant to support multiple baking sheet pans and allow for wheels or other attachments. Conventional racks are stronger than nesting ones.

2. Nesting Racks - These are just like conventional racks, but their cross members are diagonally placed so one rack can “nest” into another to save space.

3. Oven Racks – Oven racks, as well as their parts and accessories, are specifically designed to withstand a baking oven’s high temperatures.

4. Cooling Racks – Just like the name implies, these allow baked goods to cool down. They can also be used for other purposes from depanning to storage.

5. Knock Down Racks – These are just like conventional racks, but they can literally be knocked down or collapsed to allow for flat packing and easy transport.

The Benefits of Commercial Bakery Racks

  • They let the heat dissipate faster which helps baked goods cool quickly.
  • They help in draining the fats from baked goods; making them less soggy and oily.
  • Bakery carts are not just for food. They can also be used to cool hot pans faster and more evenly. (Side note: Why is this important? Well, baking is an art and every variable must be taken into account. The cooling of the pan helps in baking the pastry evenly.)
  • Baked products placed on the racks are less prone to condensation. This helps them keep the proper texture.

Rack Material Choices

  1. Stainless Steel – This the most common material for racks because of it is sanitary and resistant to corrosion. It is also very durable to the initial investment is very much worth it.
  2. Aluminum – Aluminum is also strong and resistant to corrosion. It is a good choice for commercial bread racks because aluminum is known to be better at dissipating heat.

Rack Configuration

Commercial racks for bread and other baked goods are configured in different ways.

  1. Single – The single configuration means that the rack supports one single pan per level.
  2. Double – This configuration supports two pans per level.
  3. Side Load or End Load – Load refers to how the rack supports the pan. Side load means the wide side of the pan is inserted in the racks and supported by the short sides. End load is the opposite. Double racks usually have the side load configuration. Single racks can either be side load or end load.

High quality bakery and commercial cooking equipment is a must in any bakery and kitchen. AmGoodSupply bakery racks will surely increase your bakery’s efficiency, productivity, and profit.