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Elliot DeLaney

Elliot DeLaney

work table with open base and casters

Dining hall, bakery, restaurant, cafeteria, concession stand, or catering; no matter what kind of food service business you have, stainless steel tables with open bases and casters are ideal for your commercial kitchen.

Because these are tables with no shelves, drawers, or cabinets attached; they give you more storage space for large items like ingredient or waste bins, large appliances, storage boxes, and others. You can keep necessary supplies and items within arm’s reach all the time.

The wheels make the table mobile, allowing you to move it and all the tools on it anywhere easily. Additionally, since they are open and can be easily moved; your staff could easily clean the floor underneath. How perfect and functional are these tables?

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At AmGood Supply, we pride ourselves for being a one stop shop for durable and affordable kitchen equipment.

We offer a wide range of NSF certified commercial work tables with open base and casters in different sizes to fit your space. All our tables are made with the highest quality T-430 18 gauge stainless steel designed for commercial and industrial use.

Our tables are fully customizable with different accessories, corrosion-proof, designed for quick and easy assembly, easy to maintain and clean, and built to withstand the harsh and high traffic environment of a commercial or industrial kitchen.

Our work tables and accessories are known for their premium quality and economy prices.

What are the Benefits of Using a Table with Open Base and Casters?

  • Safety and Storage – The kitchen can be a hazardous place if the setup is not optimized. A table without undershelf allows you to place large containers for ingredients, large appliances, other bulky items underneath your work space. The wheels make it easy to move the table around so you do not have to carry heavy items around.
  • Durability – Stainless steel work table with open base and casters are durable and resistant to corrosion; making them perfect for commercial and industrial kitchens and other applications.
  • Safe and Sanitary – Stainless steel is the material of choice for food preparation because of its sanitary property. Tables made of stainless steel are also easy to clean, maintain, and sanitize. This ensures the health and safety of your staff and customers. Because the table is mobile, it can easily be moved from one location to another.
  • Wide Range of Applications – A table with open base can be used not just as food prep table or kitchen island. It can also be used as an extension for your counter to give you more space, a utility bench for your workshop or garage, laundry table for folding or sorting clothes, an exam table for veterinarians, or a work station for any kind of business. Its applications are endless.
  • Perfect Fit – A table with an open base and wheels is a great addition to your preparation space, regardless of your line of business.

High-Quality, Convenient and Inexpensive Table with Open Base for Your Business

AmGood Supply offers the best quality tables with open bases at the best prices.

Each of our stainless steel work table with open base and casters features great design, top notch material, sturdy construction, easy assembly, and high functionality. They are ideal for preparing food, assembling parts, and optimizing your work place.

Outfitting your work space with our high quality, convenient and inexpensive tables with open base will help you complete your tasks, whatever they may be, more quickly and efficiently.

Why Do You Need Work Table with Open Base and Casters?

Work tables are a necessity for any kitchen or any business that requires assembly or preparation.

The open base allows you to place large bulky items like bins and appliances right under your prep space, making them easy to reach. The wheels allow you to move the table quickly and easily.

FAQ: Work Table with Open Base and Casters

  • Where to buy a work table with an open base?

    AmGood Supply tables and accessories are known for their premium quality, durability, versatility, and economy prices. We also offer free shipping to give you more value for your money. Visit us at for more information.

  • How much does it cost to buy a new commercial work table with open base and casters?

    The price of our tables vary depending on the size. AmGood Supply offers open base, mobile tables in almost 40 different sizes, ranging from 14”x24” which costs $179.95 to to 30”x96” which costs $604.95.

  • Why do you need a work table with an open base for the kitchen, dining room or restaurant?

    Open base, mobile tables are a necessity in every kitchen. They allow you to work safely, efficiently, and more productively. They give you additional storage space, allow you to move the table easily, and make clean up easy.

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