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Work Table Accessories

Work Table Accessories
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Stainless steel work tables are crucial to a commercial restaurant or any food service business. The food preparation process, your kitchen’s workflow, and the staff’s efficiency can all be a breeze with the right equipment.

A wide range of food prep tables are available but finding one that meets your specific needs could require a little bit more work. Thankfully, there are work table accessories that could make your work table the perfect work table.

AmGood has prided itself in providing our customers high quality and heavy duty food prep tables, work tables, and work table and equipment stand accessories.

Work Table Accessories on

From the "classic" work table which includes a stainless steel table top to tables with one or two undershelves for added storage; AmGood offers a wide variety of stainless steel tables. You can also choose from 46 different sizes.

AmGood also offers a selection of different types of accessories and parts. No matter what you are trying to do, you will be able to easily find the accessory that meets your requirements.

We have casters with brakes to make your table mobile, stainless steel drawers for storing important items, overshelves for added storage space, and flange feet for securing your table to the floor.

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What Table Accessories Can You Buy and What Species Exist?

  1. Equipment Stand Drawers and Accessories

Equipment stands are designed to withstand hundreds of pounds of weight. Customization options are available to make your equipment stand fulfil your specific needs. You can add drawers for storing cooking supplies and ingredients. Accessories like sheet pan slides and shelves make food prep more efficient.

  1. Adjustable Work Table Undershelves

With an adjustable work table undershelf, you can conveniently increase your storage space without having to add bulky shelving in your kitchen. The shelves fit right under your work table, allowing you to utilize the empty space for ingredients and supplies. It is also a sanitary solution since you will be able to keep your supplies off the ground. Since the shelf is lifted, it is also easy to clean the floor thoroughly.

  1. Equipment Stand Casters and Legs

If you want quick and smooth kitchen operations, you have to set up your kitchen the way you want and need. Accessories can help you with that. Casters and legs can make your equipment stand easy to move whenever you need to.

  1. Table Mounted Overshelves

To store more items such as preparation supplies, ingredients, mixing bowls, appliances, and drinkware, you can add table-mounted shelving units. These can be mounted directly to work tables which are compatible. This means you do not have to attach them to the wall or floors.

  1. Work Table Tops

Work table tops are perfect for upgrading your existing work surfaces or for building a custom table.

Quality and Inexpensive Table Equipment and Accessories

Our products are not only made of the highest quality materials which are guaranteed to last for years. We manufacture more than 95% of our products and pride ourselves. This allows us to sell directly to consumers at very competitive prices.

Our prices are also the best in the market. And with our free and fast shipping; you are sure to get the best value for your money.

Why Do You Need Table Accessories?

Work table and equipment stand accessories allow you to:

  • Customize your work table easily and quickly. This will make sure that your table is not only functional, but also meets your specific needs.
  • Replace a broken part or fix a broken section without having to buy a whole new table.
  • Add more versatility and functionality to your existing work table.

Work Table Accessories FAQs

  • Where to buy work table accessories?

    AmGood Supply offers a wide selection of accessories for work tables for both home and commercial use. For your convenience, shipping is always free on all orders. Contact us at or (866) 985-2224.

  • How much does it cost to buy new table equipment and accessories?

    We offer the best quality products and our prices are the best in the market. Visit our website at for more information.

  • Why do you need a table accessories for the kitchen?

    Accessories allow you to quickly and easily customize your work tables, replace a broken section without buying a new steel table, and make your existing table more versatile.

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