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Stainless Steel Equipment Stands

Stainless Steel Equipment Stands

“Do I need an equipment stand or can I simply use a work table or really any table to hold my slicer, mixer, or other cooking appliance?” It is a question on every cook’s mind. 

The answer, simply put, is yes.

Whether you are dealing with residential kitchen equipment or equipment for commercial work in a restaurant, a steel equipment stand is a necessity for efficient kitchen operation. 

What are Stainless Steel Equipment Stands?

They are tables specifically designed to hold kitchen equipment. These stands are made of stainless steel. Equipment like slicers, mixers, ovens, and other large items rest on these stands. 

They make sure that each equipment is easy to access, making your kitchen run smoothly and efficiently. Equipment stands also reduces the risk of injuring those who work in the kitchen. 

Steel Equipment Stand Vs. Commercial Work Tables

Going back to the first question: can’t you just use any old inexpensive work table to hold your equipment? In theory, you could do that; but in reality, doing that can cost you more time and trouble along the way. 

Equipment stands are designed to hold heavy equipment which means they are more heavy duty than regular work tables. Heavy equipment on commercial work tables will cause the table sag and bow after some time. After all, work tables are designed for food prep. Therefore, they should be used only for food prep.

Other Benefits of Equipment Stands

  • Lower Height – Equipment Stands place your equipment at a better access and working height. This also makes it easier for you or your staff to reach the controls. 

  • Strength and Durability – As mentioned, equipment stands can support heavy kitchen tools. It does not only protect you, it also protects the equipment themselves. 

  • Slide Protection – Equipment stand models come with a raised lip or a guarded edge, making it impossible for the equipment to slide off. 

Stainless steel equipment stands are a great addition to any kitchen – residential or commercial restourant

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