Stainless Steel Equipment Stands

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Elliot DeLaney

Elliot DeLaney

stainless steel equipment stands

Equipment can cost thousands of dollars, so it’s important to be sure that it’s looked after well. Of course expensive gear or appliances need regular maintenance and servicing, but they also need a sturdy place to live, somewhere they can be operated conveniently and safely, for both worker and machine.

What is a Stainless Steel Equipment Stand?

Whether you have heavy countertop equipment or an incredibly specialized piece of kit, the stand is a reliable, strong base. You can think of the equipment stand as a functional stainless steel work table with Undershelf for your large, heavy-duty devices. They are designed to be sturdy and unmovable against the weight and motion of all sorts of equipment.

While they differ in material and size, leading manufacturer and distributor AmGood Supply offers a quality, affordable product, featuring:

  • Stainless Steel Material;
  • Galvanized Undershelves, Legs and Sockets;
  • NSF Certified;
  • Top Edging for Safety;
  • Adjustable Feet;
  • Easy-to-assemble Design;
  • Polished, Professional Silver Color.

Although commercial kitchen equipment costs serious amounts of money, businesses can easily justify their purchase as they are a means to produce quality food. Yet, many kitchens overlook the need for a dedicated stand for their equipment, equally as important for maintaining your means to produce quality food.

What are the Benefits of a Stainless Steel Equipment Stand?

While some businesses rely upon steel work tables to support kitchen equipment such as mixers, slicers, or cookers, a dedicated equipment stand is the better alternative. It’s perfectly possible to hold heavy apparatus on work tables, but it’s potentially dangerous and can be costly in the long run. Work tables are not specifically designed to withstand the continued weight of heavy-duty devices. Meanwhile, specialized equipment stands, intended to be resilient and produced to a heavy-duty standard, are easily able to support large loads. They are the best option for ensuring expensive gear stays well supported.

In the kitchen, it’s vital to look after your equipment but, as with any business, the safety of workers is pertinent, too. A stainless steel equipment stand has safety features not seen in a generic work table. Top Edging makes it impossible for the weighty equipment to fall off and potentially harm someone. At the same time, the convenient work-height of the equipment stand, and the adjustable feet for uneven surfaces, mean that prolonged usage of apparatus is as comfortable and efficient as it can be.

Much like other steel goods in the kitchen, the equipment stand provides additional storage. You are able to store attachments, supplies or tools relevant to the equipment directly underneath the unit, meaning that trips to the storage room are cut down and work is faster. As we all know, an efficient environment is an absolute prerequisite to a successful business.

Can I use an Equipment Stand in Commercial or Industrial Settings?

As stainless steel equipment stands are made to be exceptionally strong, they are useful for a number of commercial and industrial applications. The equipment stand will support ice-cream machines at concession stands, industrial mixers or mincers at bakeries or butcheries, and food and drink dispensers at kiosks. Providing you have equipment that you want to take care of and operate safely, you can use an equipment stand in any commercial or industrial situation.

Though, the stand is not limited to the food industry. It can happily sit and support comparably heavy equipment. Stainless steel is resistant to rust, heat, corrosion and impact, so it’s suitable for practically any commercial or industrial setting that requires the safe operation and management of their equipment.

FAQ: Stainless Steel Equipment Stands

  • Can I use an Inexpensive Work Table instead of an Equipment Stand?

    Yes you could, but dedicated equipment stands will not warp or bow under the weight.

  • Why do I need a Stainless Steel Equipment Stand with Undershelf?

    Equipment stands provide the safe and continuous operation of kitchen equipment, so that you can work confidently. Undershelves give added structural integrity and a universal storage space for your other goods.

  • Where can I buy a Stainless Steel Equipment Stand?

    There are numerous retailers, but AmGood Supply offers a brilliant match-up between quality and price.

  • How much does it cost to buy new Commercial Equipment Stands?

    The prices vary, but the average prices for a commercial grade stainless steel equipment stand range between $225 and $275.

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