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Elliot DeLaney

Elliot DeLaney

open base work tables

In order to do any food preparation in the kitchen, you need a spacious, clean table. Products come in all kinds of materials and dimensions, but those in food environments rely on stainless steel work tables with wheels. The open base work table is just one variation that comes with distinct advantages.

What is an Open Base Work Table?

As it sounds, this stainless steel table has an open base, so there are no undershelves or cabinets. Consequently, the storage space underneath the tabletop can be used for anything, such as tall waste bins, larger, specialized equipment, and independent storage units. There are various suppliers, but leading manufacturer and distributor AmGood Supply offers a quality, affordable product, featuring:

  • Quality Stainless Steel Material (Type 430, 18 Gauge Top);
  • Comprehensive Sizing from 14” x 24” to as large as 36” x 96”;
  • NSF Certified;
  • Safe, Curved Edge Design;
  • Galvanized Steel Legs;
  • Comfortable 35” Height;
  • Adjustable Feet Height.

Anyone concerned with creating an efficient, operational kitchen needs to consider investing in quality products like an open base work table. Without such equipment, food preparation and plate assembly is not only slower but also insanitary. The only truly durable, convenient and long-term solution for your kitchen or restaurant is a stainless steel work table.

What are the benefits of an Open Base Work Table?

While stainless steel work tables featuring undershelves do offer additional storage space, this configuration doesn’t suit every individual need. Those that require a clean, simple tabletop with added adaptability can benefit from an open base work table. Having no undershelving or cabinets gives users the opportunity to customize their space to match any existing equipment, or better utilize space in high-traffic areas. This versatility makes the open base work table suitable for use in restaurants, dining halls, cafeterias, concession stands, or even mobile units such as food trucks.

The AmGood Supply series offers further benefits, including:

  • Adjustable feet height for uneven floor surfaces;
  • Curved edges that are safe, easy-to-clean and have a sleek appearance;
  • Strong leg reinforcement to eliminate shaking.

By making work tables more comfortable and user-friendly, chefs are able to concentrate on the quality of their work, creating brilliant produce and wonderful meals.

Alongside practical advantages, investing in a stainless steel table has aesthetic benefits too. The shiny, metal finish and rounded design are effortless and elegant. It’s great to be able to have a working area that is simultaneously productive and visually pleasing.

Anyone equipped with a superior work station, with features that they both benefit from and appreciate, will find their tasks become quicker and less troublesome. When you enjoy your work, you are happier and more productive. Quality workspace can enhance the potential of a business.

Can I use the Open Base Work Table in Commercial or Industrial Settings?

This stainless steel open base work table helps many, in both domestic and specialized capacities, improve their environment. The specifications of the table meet the requirements of various jobs and industries. There are a multitude of uses in food industries, such as commercial kitchens and food and drink manufacturing businesses like butcheries, bakeries and breweries.

However, there are many other settings that suit an open base stainless steel work table. They can be used as workbenches, either in a home garage or professional workshop; vet’s examination tables; worktops in medical or lab environments, and any other situations which value sturdy, easy-to-clean equipment.

The open base work table is a strong, resilient surface for all kinds of work. The advantages for both commercial and industrial settings are clear, so those in these areas should also consider investing in premium products.

FAQ: Open Base Work Table

  • Are there other options for Work Tables?

    Yes, you can find work tables with undershelves. Whether or not to buy open base or undershelved may rely on your individual needs.

  • Why do I need an Open Base Work Table?

    Open base options allow for a more modular environment. In the kitchen, open base tables work well with tall, rolling bins. They are also lighter and can be moved around more easily, so you are free to change your working layout.

  • Where can I buy a Stainless Steel Open Base Work Table?

    There are various suppliers, but one leading manufacturer and distributor is AmGood Supply. Whether you’re thinking of improving the home space or a professional kitchen, open base work tables offer you one of the most flexible designs, leaving you able to utilize your space exactly as you desire.

  • How much does it cost to buy a new commercial open base work table?

    Prices vary depending on quality and size. Many suppliers begin at $200 but longer tables can reach upwards of $4,000. The AmGood Supply range starts from $159.95 to $604.95, where quality and affordability meet.

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