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Open Base Work Tables

Open Base Work Tables

There are many indispensable equipment in a commercial kitchen. One of these is the stainless steel open base work table.

Without a proper work table top, food preparation is impossible. Any old metal desk just won’t do. A stainless steel commercial open base work table is absolutely essential if you want an efficient kitchen.

What is an Open Base Stainless Steel Commercial Work Table?

A stainless steel commercial open base work table is used for preparing ingredients, food, drinks, and assembling plates in a high-traffic restaurant. It is ideal for any restaurant, dining hall, cafeteria, or concessionaire stand.

Since they do not have cabinets or shelves at the bottom, it leaves space for ingredient bins so they are within easy reach; or a garbage bin for easy clean up.

With an open base stainless steel commercial work table, you will be able to efficiently complete food prep and other tasks.

Choosing the Right Food Prep Metal Desk

  1. Gauge – There are 3 common gauges: 18, 16, and 14. 18 Gauge is for light duty activities like salad and sandwich prep. 16 Gauge is for standard duty use. 14 Gauge is for heavy duty usage.

  2. Commercial stainless steel quality – There are 2 common types: 430 and 340. 430 is cheaper and is of lower quality. 304 is a bit pricier but is ideal for standard to heavy duty use.

  3. Edges – There are 3 common types of edges: square, rounded, and marine. Square edge is great when it is placed against other flat equipment. Rounded edge is easier to clean but not necessarily easy to place againstother items. Marine edge has a drip container around the table’s perimeter to catch liquids from ingredients.

  4. Accessories – Work tables can come with accessories like casters, hand sinks, drawers, undershelves, and cutting boards to make them even more convenient.

A stainless steel open base work table is great for preparing ingredients and food or assembling your menu items. It is a must for increasing work and storage space and increasing efficiency in your commercial kitchen.

All work tables are made with T-430 18 gauge stainless steel, designed to be easily assembled, and are NSF certified. Stainless steel work tables are commonly used for food prep in a commercial kitchen, as a work desk, assembly line table, work bench, and in many other residential, commercial and in..
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