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Elliot DeLaney

Elliot DeLaney

shelves with pot racks

Any experienced chef will tell you about the importance of cleanliness and efficiency in the kitchen. There are lots of ways to get it running smoother, but a wall mounted pot rack is something you can’t afford to miss.

What is a Wall Mounted Pots and Pans Rack?

A wall mounted pot rack is a convenient method to store your pots and pans, while keeping them out of the way and maximizing space. They come in all shapes and sizes, but AmGood Supply, a leading manufacturer and distributor of wall shelves, as well as various other stainless steel products, offers an exemplary model. The AmGood Supply rack has both residential and commercial applications, featuring:

  • Clean, attractive design;
  • 12” x 36”, or 15” x 36” sizing;
  • Stainless steel material;
  • Galvanized hooks;
  • Integrated shelving.

Providers of cheaper pots and pans often fail on two things: first, they omit a shelf, so storage space isn’t made the most of; second, they use weaker materials, so the rack cannot support enough weight and may warp or damage.

Investing in a premium, high-quality steel rack, from a leading supplier, means leads to a cleaner cooking environment, faster work and more lucrative business.

What are the Benefits of using a Wall Mounted Pots and Pans Rack?

As well as the functional benefit of being able to organize your pots and pans in one place, having a rack also looks amazing. It gives the room a sophisticated, professional image. If you take pride in your cookware, a superior pots and pans rack can become a testament to your passion.

Wall mounted, stainless steel products can hold impressive amounts of weight, unlike free-standing or ceiling pots and pans racks. Kitchen equipment is stored at the wall so busy walkthroughs aren’t cluttered. Any environment becomes easier to navigate when you make efforts to arrange your tools and utensils.

The wall mounted pot rack with shelf as a simple metal kitchen shelf is vastly more convenient than storing pans in cabinets or on worktops. Eliminating heavy pots and pans from these arduous places means no more rummaging on the floor or cramped prep areas.

Should I use a Pots and Pans Rack in a Commercial Space?

Home cooks and master chefs alike can get the benefits from a wall mounted pot rack. Wall mounted racks are a great option to upgrade your home kitchen, but it’s essential to have them installed in a professional space.

A commercial kitchen is a busy, high-intensity area, where every second costs money. Spending time searching for pots and pans is just bad business. Convenient, efficient storage solutions save time and money. Professional chefs don’t need cute hangers; they need serious, steel work shelves, where they can easily grab and go.

At the same time, professional areas still need to look sleek, especially in situations where workspace is visible. Pots and pans racks that focus solely on appearance often perform badly. Equally, racks that focus solely on functionality can be an eyesore. The AmGood Supply wall mounted pots and pans rack is the meeting point between great looks and unrelenting toughness.

Best for your Business

Businesses invest significant money into their cookware, and rightly so. Commercial kitchens are likely to have finer or more heavy-duty equipment assets that need to be looked after. Expensive carbon-steel should be properly stored. Likewise, weighty cast-iron skillets need strong support. A wall mounted pots and pans rack is the perfect solution for unique restaurant concerns. It’s an investment in its own right.

FAQ: Shelves With Pot Racks

  • Are there other kinds of pots and pans racks?

    Absolutely, but each type has its limitations:

    • Free standing racks: they take up floor space; they are unable to support heavy cookware
    • Hanging racks: they are often bulky and cumbersome; unsuitable for areas with low ceilings; often chained, so they swing.
    • Chandelier racks: they go above a kitchen island, so they can make the space look smaller; affordable options are also chained, so they swing.

  • Why do you need a Wall Mounted Pot Rack with Shelf for the Kitchen?

    They are the most convenient, efficient rack to maximize and elevate your kitchen space. They have high functionality and create more storage and preparation area. They don’t obstruct valuable floor and ceiling space.

  • Where can I buy a Wall Mounted Pot Rack?

    You can buy a wall mounted pot rack from various retailers. One leading manufacturer and distributor is AmGood Supply

  • How much does it cost to buy a New Commercial Wall Mounted Pots and Pans Rack?

    Prices vary depending on size and material quality. Wall mounted racks without shelving average around $100. A wall mounted pot rack with shelf averages around $200, with the most expensive ranges going up to $700.

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