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Elliot DeLaney

Elliot DeLaney

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Space is something most people in modern times does not have a lot of. Many people live in tiny apartments and small houses. Many of us work in small work spaces. This creates the problem for storing things. Using stainless steel shelves has been the go to solution for this problem.

Shelves mounted on the are not only great for solving storage issues. They are also stylish. In fact, a majority of designers say that standalone shelves are a thing of the past. The way of the future is mountable wall shelving.

What is Stainless Steel Shelves?

When you look at magazines and Pinterest boards, you will see a lot of open spaces and floating aesthetics. These looks are achieved by using shelving as storage solutions. They are shelves made of copper, pipes, wire metal, cast iron, steel wire or other metal materials.

These heavy duty wall mounted wire shelving look chic and modern; giving off an edgy industrial look. Make no mistake, these shelves are also super functional. Because they are mounted on the wall; they prevent dreadful marks on your carpets and floors while opening up floor space.

Choosing the Right Metal Wire Shelving Material

The best part about choosing to use heavy duty wall mounted wire shelving is the options you get. There are a number of great materials to choose from; each one of them serving a specific purpose.

Here is a quick guide to help you choose.

  1. Chrome Wire Shelving – Chrome plating makes your shelves resistant to rust, damage, dust. They are affordable, sturdy, and has a has a more polished look than other materials. They are also perfect for cold storage and for storing equipment that need venting.

    • Applications include:

    • Kitchens where you can dry off dishes and other kitchen utensils by dripping the water into the sink below;
    • Pantries where air circulation is important;
    • Door rack for shoes and other items that need air circulation;
    • Supply closets.

  2. Wall Mount Black Wire Shelving – If you do not like chrome, then black wire shelving is a great alternative. They have an additional epoxy finish which means they have an extra layer of protection. Black wire shelving mounted on the wall gives you the same load capacity as chrome shelving and gives off an edgy, rock and roll, industrial vibe.

    • Applications include:

    • Walk-in coolers;
    • Moist storage;
    • Bedrooms;
    • Offices;
    • Workshops.

  3. Stainless Steel Wire Shelving – This is, arguably, the most expensive option but it is considered the most sanitary, the lowest maintenance, and the most sturdy of all shelving materials.

    • Applications include:

    • Kitchens;
    • Bathrooms;
    • Healthcare environments;
    • Outdoors;
    • Wet environments.

FAQ about Stainless Steel Wall Shelves

Space is a true luxury in the kitchen, with most feeling like they don’t have nearly enough. It’s not that homes or restaurants don’t have the space, but more so that they aren’t using the space they do have efficiently. Stainless steel wall shelves help to maximize vertical space while freeing up critical floor space, drastically improving your productivity in the kitchen. With the addition of just a few shelves, you ultimately create a more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing environment.

What are Stainless Steel Wall Shelves used for?

There’s literally no limit to how stainless steel wall shelves can be used. Ingredients, food products, utensils, cookware, equipment, and even appliances are all stored more conveniently with wall-mounted shelving. It’s not just kitchens, either. A stainless steel wall shelf is just as useful for a supply closet, workshop, or office space. They’re also used practically anywhere in the home, especially by those who love the sleek, clean edges of an industrial aesthetic.

Why you need Stainless Steel Wall Shelves for the Kitchen

Both household and commercial kitchens demand extremely high levels of hygiene. Wall Shelves keep supplies and equipment well ventilated, but those made from stainless steel are simply the best for effective cleaning and general kitchen maintenance. Stainless steel shelves are extremely durable, with top-quality products able to support over a hundred pounds of weight. For example, the 10″ X 36″ Stainless Steel Wall Mount Shelf from Amgood Supply supports as much as 200 pounds or 90 kilograms. Stainless steel wall shelves are extremely resistant to corrosion, impact, and temperature, making them the ultimate choice for busy kitchen environments.

Where can I buy Stainless Steel Wall Shelves?

Trusted providers like AmgoodSupply offer NSF-certified 18-gauge stainless steel wall shelves, available in various sizes and styles, including solid, vented, and tubular shelving units. All AmgoodSupply products have been expertly engineered to meet the rigorous hygiene standards and work demands of commercial kitchens. You can of course find stainless steel wall shelves from various other suppliers, though not all are designed and built to the same quality.

How much do Stainless Steel Wall Shelves cost?

With so much variance in size, style, and materials, the cost of a stainless steel wall shelf ranges quite a lot. As a reference, the 10″ X 24″ Stainless Steel Wall Mount Shelf from AmgoodSupply is priced at $59.95, whereas many larger sizes are available at a higher cost.

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