Stainless Steel Wall Mount Shelves

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What exactly are Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Shelves?

When perusing magazines or scrolling through Pinterest boards, you will notice an abundance of open spaces and a floating aesthetic. These appearances are achieved through the use of shelving as storage solutions. These shelves are made of copper, pipes, wire metal, cast iron, steel wire, or other metallic substances. These robust, wall-mounted wire shelves have a sleek and contemporary appearance, imparting an edgy industrial vibe. Don’t be fooled, though; these shelves are also extremely practical. Since they are mounted on the wall, they prevent unsightly marks on carpets and floors while freeing up floor space.

Choosing the Appropriate Metal Wire Shelving Material

The most advantageous aspect of selecting robust, wall-mounted wire shelving is the diverse selection of materials available. There are a plethora of fantastic materials to choose from, each of which serves a specific purpose. To assist you in selecting the right material, here is a brief guide. Chrome Wire Shelving – Chrome plating provides rust, damage, and dust resistance to your shelves. They are durable, cost-effective, and have a more polished appearance than other materials. Additionally, they are perfect for cold storage and storing equipment that requires ventilation.

A kitchen that is organized is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly efficient. Kitchen organization is crucial to maintain operations. The best and easiest way to organize? A Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Shelf.

AmGoodSupply offers the wall mounted best stainless steel shelves for your commercial kitchen. Our shelves are durable, made from the highest quality stainless steel, and are able to withstand even the most extreme kitchen temperatures.

AmGoodSupply shelves keep the ingredients or tools neat and organized but still within easy reach; optimizing your kitchen operations and as a result, increasing your bottomline.

Time is of the Essence

Of all the commercial restaurant equipment, perhaps the most important are the Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Shelf units. After all, in a high traffic restaurant, time is of the essence. Prep time and serving time can mean the difference between a dissatisfied and raving customer.

Stainless steel wall Mounted Shelves help keep your ingredients, tools, and other appliances in their proper place but within easy reach. This keeps kitchen operations at optimum efficiency.

The right shelving units also make the kitchen and all the commercial cooking equipment in it easy to clean, maintain, and manage.

Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Shelf

Wall-mounted shelves are perfect for organizing compact spaces. In a commercial kitchen, they can be installed close to the ware washing section, the food prep area, or the cooktops.

One of the things you must take into consideration is the style of the shelf. Commercial kitchen wall shelves come in two common styles.

    1. Vented, Louvered, or Tubular Shelves – These shelves are made with pipes or wires which makes them great for quick drying dishes and other kitchen utensils. They are also fantastic for air circulation, so they are more ideal for storing perishables. It is also light weight, so it is easy to install or transfer.

On the other hand, vented shelves are more difficult to clean. In addition, these shelves are not ideal for liquid bottles.

    1. Solid Shelves – Solid stainless steel wall shelves are much easier to clean and maintain. They are durable, sleek, and able to store any item of any size. These shelves are perfect for dry storage.

The disadvantage with solid shelves is that they do not allow for air circulation, so they are not ideal for perishables or just washed kitchen utensils and dishes.

  1. Other Styles – Other wall shelf styles include microwave shelves for microwave ovens and other appliances; corner utility shelves, and general utility shelves. Units can also come with different parts and accessories like hooks for pots and utensils, etc.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Shelf

  • They keep your kitchen organized and efficient.
  • They keep all the kitchen supplies and ingredients at your fingertips, saving you time and energy.
  • Employees do not have to crouch to get things from drawers or low shelves.
  • There are many configurations, styles, and sizes to fit any need.

The Ideal Shelf Material

Stainless steel, undoubtedly, is the best material for kitchen shelves.

It is resistant to stain and corrosion. It is also very resilient, durable, easy to clean and maintain. Most importantly, this material is very hygienic; making it extremely ideal for restaurant operations.

For restaurants and other food service operations, the most commonly used is Type 304.

Keeping your kitchen organized is the key to efficient restaurant operations and the key to keeping your kitchen organized is by making vertical storage with stainless wall shelves. AmGoodSupply shelving units can make a world of difference in the maintenance and management of your commercial kitchen.

FAQ about Stainless Steel Wall Mount Shelves

Planning is essential in all walks of life, but especially in a busy restaurant kitchen. Things quickly turn into chaos when equipment is misplaced, ingredients can’t be found, and chefs start tripping over each other in search of a certain utensil.

Professional kitchens avoid these problems by using stainless steel wall mount shelves, increasing vertical storage and thus maximizing the capacity of their spaces.

Why your Kitchen needs a Stainless Steel Wall Mount Shelf

As any seasoned chef knows, proper organization is a key aspect of any successful restaurant kitchen, with a stainless steel wall mount shelf as the go-to design.

Wall-mounted shelves not only keep the kitchen more aesthetically pleasing but also increases the efficiency of the entire operation. At the same time, a stainless steel shelf is easily cleaned, durable, and resistant to not just the temperatures and moisture of a busy kitchen.

With all of your equipment always in reach, kitchen staff doesn’t need to spend any time finding lost items, nor do they need to dig into the backs of cupboards and drawers. Meanwhile, cleaning time is heavily reduced, and a kitchen is much simpler to manage.

Where can I buy a Stainless Steel Wall Mount Shelf?

You can buy top-grade stainless steel wall mount shelves from trusted providers, such as AmgoodSupply, which offers 18-gauge stainless steel shelving units in a wide range of sizes and styles.

Many sites offer some kind of wall mount shelf units, though all AmgoodSupply shelving products are specifically engineered to withstand the higher demands of commercial use, which includes being NSF-certified to meet stringent safety standards.

How much does it cost to buy a Stainless Steel Wall Mount Shelf?

As there are many configurations, styles, and sizes for the varying needs of a commercial kitchen, costs vary depending on the specific equipment that best suits you.

A stainless steel wall mount shelf can take many forms, mainly vented, louvered, tubular, and solid, though there are even more variations. The superior air circulation of a vented shelf is better for quick-drying dishes and utensils, whilst solid shelving is far easier to clean.

For reference, the 18” X 30” Stainless Steel Wall Mount Square Edge Shelf from Amgood Supply costs $79.95, while the larger sized 16″ X 60″ is priced at $114.95. Other suppliers are available, though keep in mind that the price of a commercial kitchen shelf typically reflects the quality of steel used.

What’s the Best Wall Mount Shelf Size for my Restaurant Kitchen?

Before you can know the best wall mount shelf size for your kitchen, you have to consider exactly what you’ll be storing, and how much of it.

For larger cookware and small appliances, it’s important to have shelves of sufficient depth. If you’re storing ingredients and utensils, you’ll probably be more concerned with the length of your wall mount shelf.

How you organize your kitchen is entirely your choice. In order to cater to all kinds of spaces, AmgoodSupply carries a wide range of stainless steel wall mount shelf sizes. Whichever size you choose, the whole kitchen team benefits from the greater convenience of wall-mounted storage, though it’s easy to install additional shelving as your operation grows.

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