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Elliot DeLaney

Elliot DeLaney


Striking a fine balance between affordability, function, and quality is essential when it comes to fixtures in your commercial facility. This is especially true when choosing commercial kitchen faucets. Water, after all, is an essential part in any commercial facility, especially, a commercial kitchen.

The restaurant faucets in your facility need to be not only attractive but also convenient, This is to ensure that your employees and customers are satisfied and that your operations are efficient. This leads to customer satisfaction and better business performance.

What Commercial Faucets Need to Be

1. Ultra Efficient – We are dealing with a global issue that threatens the very existence of our species: climate change. It is extremely important for all of us to conserve as much water as we could. We can do this by installing commercial kitchen faucets that are water efficient.These faucets help you conserve water by producing a lower flow rate.

2. Sanitary – Certain types of materials are less prone to bacteria and are, therefore, better for industries relating to food and beverage. Stainless steel commercial faucets are an excellent choice for commercial kitchens and restaurants because they are easy to sanitize and are specifically made for kitchen environment. This is especially important because many people will use the comercial sinks throughout the day. Motion-activated faucets are also a great idea because the people do not have to touch the surfaces and they also use less water.

Types of Commercial Faucets

There are many different kinds of faucets, each one designed to meet the requirements of an efficient commercial kitchen.

  1. Pot or Kettle Filler Faucet – This type of faucet can be mounted anywhere, has a large motion range, and sometimes, even a hose. This means you can fill up large pots and kettles with water without having to carry the pots around the kitchen or having to fit the pots in the sink. Place the pots on the stove or where they need to be and fill them up right there.
  2. Pre-Rinse Faucet – This is one the most common stainless steel commercial faucets you will find in a restaurant. This type of faucet has a high-arc sprout and a high-pressure spray function. These features help the kitchen staff to quickly and easily clean leftover food scraps, sauce, and other debris from dishes before handing them over to the ware washing section.
  3. Add-On Faucet – An add-on faucet allows your sink to become multipurpose. Your sink can become both a warewashing station and a food preparation area when you install these additional spigots and nozzles. You can do washing, rinsing, and sanitizing, in the same sink. Add-on faucets saves you space and help make kitchen operations more streamlined.
  4. Deck Mounted Commercial Faucet – These faucets are used for sinks that have vertical holes on its deck or the countertop. They are easy to connect to the water supply. will be used for sinks with vertical holes on the deck or countertop.
  5. Wall Mounted Faucet – These faucets are installed and mounted on the horizontal holes on the backsplash or the wall above the sink.
Water: it is used as an ingredient for the food or drinks you make. It is also used to clean ingredients, the tools and equipment, the dishes, the floors, and everything else. That is why, as unassuming as it might seem, your faucets will affect every part of your kitchen operations.


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