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Elliot DeLaney

Elliot DeLaney

3 compartment sink

Commercial kitchen equipment play a crucial role in the smooth running of any food business’ back end operations. Without the proper kitchen equipment such as compartment sinks, wall mounted shelving, and other commercial cooking equipment, it will be very difficult for the chef as well as the kitchen staff to organize their tools, appliances, ingredients, and other necessary items and to perform their individual duties.

In this article, we will talk about stainless steel compartment sinks. What are they? What are the different types? Why do you need them?

Why You Need Compartment Sinks

One of the fundamental elements in running a restaurant or any kind of food business is food safety.

Failure to comply to health inspections lead to bad consequences. Unsanitary conditions can lead to infestations and infestations can lead to illness and other nightmare scenarios.

Exposing customers to unclean ingredients can lead to lawsuits. All these can lead to loss of income, massive headaches, and possibly, jail time.

In short, a solid cleaning regimen is a must. That is why you need to have the right commercial restaurant equipment, especially stainless steel compartment sinks to ensure your kitchen meets the code and to keep your food, your customers, and your investments safe.

What are Compartment Stainless Steel Sinks?

Compartment sinks, also known as pot and dish sinks, are used to clean large, heavy pots, pans, and other utensils by hand. They are necessary for restaurants, bars, caterers, hotels, and other businesses serving food.

They come in different varieties:

  • 3 bay compartment sink – This is the most common type of commercial sink. It takes up a lot of floor space but is perfect for the complete kitchen routine of rinsing, washing, and sanitizing cookware. An example of this is the 3 compartment bar sinks.
  • 1 compartment – It is the most compact and is usually for washing only.
  • 2 compartment – It is also compact and used for washing and rinsing. Some models also allow for food preparation.
  • 4 compartment – This takes up the biggest space with the last compartment typically used as a dump for residue before the other washing activities.
  • Bonus: 3 Compartment Bar Sink – This type of sink is a staple in bars and pubs. They make it very easy to wash, rinse, and sanitize glassware from right behind the bar. Steel bar sinks also come in the 1-, 2-, and 4-compartment variety.

Commercial sinks are usually made of stainless steel because stainless steel:

  • is guaranteed safe for food preparation;
  • is very easy to clean and maintain;
  • is very durable.

A Quick Note on Stainless Steel

There are two common types of stainless steel grades that are used for commercial sinks.

  • 304 – It is the most common type of stainless steel material used in manufacturing commercial sinks and tables. It is resistant to cracks and corrosion, easy to clean, low maintenance, and can withstand very humid environments.
  • 430 – It is the type of stainless steel that is more preferable for manufacturing commercial kitchen sinks. It has 0% nickel so it is less prone to corrosion, cracks, and etches. Just like the 304, the 403 is easy to clean and maintain.

Commercial restaurants need commercial sinks to ensure smooth kitchen operations. Make sure you have a high quality one, complete with all the necessary parts and accessories, to ensure your kitchen is up to code and your food is safe.


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