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Elliot DeLaney

Elliot DeLaney

wall mount shelves

A kitchen that is organized is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly efficient. Kitchen organization is crucial to maintain operations. The best and easiest way to organize? A Stainless Steel Wall Shelf.

AmGoodSupply offers the wall mounted best stainless steel shelves for your commercial kitchen. Our shelves are durable, made from the highest quality stainless steel, and are able to withstand even the most extreme kitchen temperatures.

AmGoodSupply shelves keep the ingredients or tools neat and organized but still within easy reach; optimizing your kitchen operations and as a result, increasing your bottomline.

Time is of the Essence

Of all the commercial restaurant equipment, perhaps the most important are the Stainless Steel Wall Shelf units. After all, in a high traffic restaurant, time is of the essence. Prep time and serving time can mean the difference between a dissatisfied and raving customer.

Stainless steel wall shelves help keep your ingredients, tools, and other appliances in their proper place but within easy reach. This keeps kitchen operations at optimum efficiency.

The right shelving units also make the kitchen and all the commercial cooking equipment in it easy to clean, maintain, and manage.

Stainless Steel Wall Shelf

Wall-mounted shelves are perfect for organizing compact spaces. In a commercial kitchen, they can be installed close to the ware washing section, the food prep area, or the cooktops.

One of the things you must take into consideration is the style of the shelf. Commercial kitchen wall shelves come in two common styles.

  1. Vented, Louvered, or Tubular Shelves – These shelves are made with pipes or wires which makes them great for quick drying dishes and other kitchen utensils. They are also fantastic for air circulation, so they are more ideal for storing perishables. It is also light weight, so it is easy to install or transfer.
  2. On the other hand, vented shelves are more difficult to clean. In addition, these shelves are not ideal for liquid bottles.

  3. Solid Shelves – Solid stainless steel wall shelves are much easier to clean and maintain. They are durable, sleek, and able to store any item of any size. These shelves are perfect for dry storage.
  4. The disadvantage with solid shelves is that they do not allow for air circulation, so they are not ideal for perishables or just washed kitchen utensils and dishes.

  5. Other Styles – Other wall shelf styles include microwave shelves for microwave ovens and other appliances; corner utility shelves, and general utility shelves. Units can also come with different parts and accessories like hooks for pots and utensils, etc.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Wall Shelf

  • They keep your kitchen organized and efficient.
  • They keep all the kitchen supplies and ingredients at your fingertips, saving you time and energy.
  • Employees do not have to crouch to get things from drawers or low shelves.
  • There are many configurations, styles, and sizes to fit any need.

The Ideal Shelf Material

Stainless steel, undoubtedly, is the best material for kitchen shelves.

It is resistant to stain and corrosion. It is also very resilient, durable, easy to clean and maintain. Most importantly, this material is very hygienic; making it extremely ideal for restaurant operations.

For restaurants and other food service operations, the most commonly used is Type 304.

Keeping your kitchen organized is the key to efficient restaurant operations and the key to keeping your kitchen organized is by making vertical storage with stainless wall shelves. AmGoodSupply shelving units can make a world of difference in the maintenance and management of your commercial kitchen.



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