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black epoxy wire wall shelves

Ideal for a wide range of commercial, and even industrial and residential, applications, a wire wall mount shelf allows you to store items within easy reach. These shelves are built to accommodate evenly distributed weight.

Steel work shelves allow you to maximize your otherwise unused wall space. You can place them over your sink, your work tables, and other work areas so you can reach and grab essential supplies and other items easily without having to move from your work station.

Because it has a black epoxy finish, this shelf also fits well in other environments such as merchandising facade, retail areas, or even at home. The sleek black finish blends seamlessly into the background, allowing your products and goods to stand out.

Black Epoxy Wire Wall Shelves on Amgoodsupply.com

For many years, AmGood Supply has built products that are reliable and durable at reasonable prices.

Our black wall-mounted wire shelving units are built to withstand evenly distributed weight, both cold and humid environments, and can be used for a wide range of applications. Perfect for kitchens, the basement or garage, etc.; these sturdy shelves can handle any location or any item you want to store.

The epoxy coating on our black wall shelves offers increased protection from corrosion or rust. This prevents tarnishing or bacteria build up.

AmGood epoxy wire shelving units are the best and safest storage solution against germs and fluctuating temperatures. Our black epoxy shelves are available in different sizes and configurations that can fit nearly any space.

What are the Benefits of Using a Black Epoxy Wire Wall Shelf?

  • Open wire design – Because of its wire design, the shelves allow for adequate airflow as well as light penetration. These are particularly ideal for damp and humid environments.
  • Easy installation – Assembly and installation of all our wire wall shelves is an easy one-person job. Wall brackets, fasteners, and other mounting hardware are included for quick and easy installation.
  • Black epoxy coating – The black epoxy finish is perfectly suited for moist and humid environments because of its added layer of protection. It is resistant to rust and more corrosion-proof. It makes the shelves able to withstand harsh temperatures.
  • Universal shelf for organizing things – This shelving unit is a functional piece of equipment that is not only suited for kitchens or storage areas. They have a wide variety of applications from back-of-house to the front-of-house, storage or display; the possibility for use is endless.
  • Best suits your business – Whatever your business is, you need durable and reliable storage space. Our wire wall shelving units can accommodate items of evenly distributed weight because our products are designed for durability.

High-Quality, Convenient and Inexpensive Wire Wall Shelves for Your Business

The potential applications for wire shelves mounted on the walls are many and wide ranging. They can be used for food and beverage service, healthcare, manufacturing, warehouses, and others.

Ideally, you want shelves that can hold a lot of weight so you can store food items, medical supplies, and other miscellaneous items. Your shelves have to be durable, made of top of the line materials, and build to withstand harsh environments.

If you are looking for high-quality, convenient and inexpensive wall shelves for your business, AmGood Supply has you covered.

Why do you Need Work Black Epoxy Wire Wall Shelves?

Whether you are in the restaurant, merchandising, or any kind of business, storage space or a place to display your wares is essential.

A wire wall mount shelf will hold your supplies, tools, and other miscellaneous items where you can easily reach and use them. This optimizes your work flow, increasing efficiency and productivity.

FAQ: Black Epoxy Wire Wall Shelves

  • Where to buy a wire wall shelf?

    AmGood Supply provides the highest quality products that are built to last. There is no better place to buy wire wall shelves. Visit us at https://www.amgoodsupply.com/ for more information.

  • How much does it cost to buy new commercial black epoxy wire wall shelves?

    The cost of wire wall shelves depends on the size and other factors. AmGood Supply has a wide range of shelving units at affordable prices. We also provide free and fast shipping on all orders and a 30-day return policy.

  • Why do you need a wire wall mount shelf for the business?

    A wire wall mount shelf has a lot of applications. It is perfect for storing your frequently used items or displaying your products. Whatever your business is, this type of shelving unit is a necessary investment.

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