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Janitorial & Utility Sinks

Janitorial & Utility Sinks
author photoElliot DeLaney

When you think of a kitchen or a laundry room, you usually only think of big items like the kitchen appliances or the washer and dryer. Nevertheless, there is one thing you absolutely must have: a stainless steel utility sink.

Utility stainless steel sinks can be used as janitorial sinks for commercial kitchens or other commercial facilities or as a residential laundry sink.

What are Stainless Steel Utility Sinks?

A slop sink, as it is sometimes called, is an extra deep sink. This allows you to scrub and spray water vigorously without water splashing all over the room.

These sinks can be as shallow as 10 inches but can be as deep as 25 inches. For comparison, regular stainless steel kitchen sinks are usually six to eight inches deep.

These sinks are used for commercial cleaning, laundering, janitorial activities, and kitchen washing, and many others.

There are many kinds of stainless steel utility sinks: free standing or wall mount, single or multiple compartment, drop in or undermount.

Kinds of Utility Sinks

  • Free standing stainless steel utility sinks – These are the most popular kind because they stand on their own and can be used everywhere and for everything. It does not need a cabinet for support.

  • Wall Mount – They are mounted on the wall. These are ideal for commercial kitchens or anywhere you need to save some floor space.

  • Drop in – These sinks need a countertop to drop into. They are regarded as the most affordable choice.

  • Undermount – These sinks rest below the counter’s surface.

  • Apron Front – These sinks deflect water and prevent it from splashing all over you and the floor.

  • Agitator – These sinks include a micro-jet feature that turns your sink into a gentle whirlpool tub that “agitates” items you put into the basin.

Utility Stainless Steel Sinks: Uses and Advantages

Having a utility sink offers many advantages and uses.

  • Handwashing clothes – This sink is perfect if you have clothes or other materials that cannot be washed in the machine. You can fill up the sink with water and conveniently wash what needs to be washed right there.

  • Bathing pets – Bath time with your fur babies is very easy in the utility sink. Your pet cannot escape and you do not splash water all over the floor.

  • Washing large pots and utensils – If you need to wash large pots, pans, basins, and other utensils, a utility sink comes in handy.

  • Rinsing – Rinsing gardening tools, paint brushes, mud stained clothes or shoes is convenient in a utility sink. Plus it prevents all the other sinks in the house from getting dirty or clogged.

  • Hardcore cleaning – Having janitorial sinks is a must for offices and other commercial spaces. Your staff can easily wash rugs, rags, mops, and other cleaning equipment.

You may not think of stainless steel utility sinks as necessary for your laundry room, kitchen, or commercial space. However, they play an important role in maintaining the cleanliness of your home or space. Their versatility and benefits are well worth the investment.

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